The Prosecutor and The Presidency

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Twice nominated Emmy® award winning producers Leslie Dutton and TJ Johnston have produced public affairs television and video programming for the Full Disclosure Network. The programs feature prominent elected and appointed officials, civic leaders and civil rights advocates on critical issues facing our nation, our states and communities since 1992.

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The Prosecutor and The Presidency

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Forum Panelists and Interview Guests

Shirley Hufstedler (Cabinet Secretary for Education - Carter Administration)

Bob Woodward, Watergate Journalist and Author

Chesterfield Smith, President ABA 1974

Leslie Dutton, Full Disclosure Network Host/Executive Producer

Richard Kliendienst, Attorney General (Nixon)

Robert Bork, Solicitor General (Nixon-Watergate)

Archibald Cox, Special Prosecutor (Nixon-Watergate)

Elliot Richardson, Attorney General (Nixon)

Edwin Meese III, Attorney General (Reagan-Iran Contra)

Richard Thornburgh, Attorney General (Reagan-Bush Administrations)

Lawrence Walsh, Independent Counsel (Iran-Contra)

Craig Gillen, Deputy Independent Counsel (Iran-Contra)

Robert Fiske, Jr., Independent Counsel (Whitewater)

Christopher Schroeder, Assistant Attorney General (Clinton-Whitewater)

Kenneth Starr, Independent Counsel (Whitewater-Lewinsky)

Joe DiGenova, Independent Counsel (Bush-Passsportgate)

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