F​ull Disclosure ​N​etwork (FDN) ​ was created in 1992 as the public outreach program of the American Association of Women, a 501(c)(3) educational organization. The goal and mission of this Emmy®Award winning public affairs programming known as “The News Behind The News®” is to promote and encourage public awareness and discussion of critical issues that are rarely covered ​in​ the mainstream media.

Over the years FDN has featured in-depth interviews, debates and documentary videos featuring national and international experts, government officials as well as civic and community leaders on issues impacting the American public. The programs bring together contrasting views to promote public education, understanding and solutions.

FDN launched the development and implementation of a Digital Asset Management System to preserve an accurate record of the debates that took place during our 25 year history with many famous and expert guests. Preservation is necessary to facilitate distribution/access to archives for future productions and digital distribution of content, so that future generations can learn how we got to where we are today.​

Here is a 8 minute "Mini" Documentary covering FDN's "The News Behind The News" programs.

These programs were featured on Public Cable Channels in California and major cities throughout the United States from 1992 until 2009 when FDN moved away from Cable TV stations to exclusivley to digital distribtuion on the Internet.

The enitire FDN Archive from 1992 to 2018 has been digitized. Short program previews are featured our FDN website, You Tube and Vimeo.

Full Disclosure Production Credits


Leslie Dutton

Executive Producer

In the ’70s the young Ms. Dutton became a civic activist, heading local volunteer campaigns for community and regional projects. During that period she developed extensive experience and contacts as a manager and speaker. This varied background eventually led to becoming an Account Executive and Vice President of a national public/government affairs firm. She represented diverse clients relating to the media, the U. S. Congress and the California State Legislature. As founding President of the American Association of Women, Ms. Dutton also spearheaded issue-oriented campaigns. The​ issues range​d​ from community Charter Amendments to University of California tuition policies. As producer for the Full Disclosure Network®, she has received the 2001 Emmy for public affairs series programming from the Academy of Television of Arts and Sciences. She also served on the Academy LA Area Executive Peer Committee and the National Awards Committee for Prime Time Emmy. (2002-2004)​ and received a second Emmy nomination in 2008 for a series covering the Prosecution of Orange County Sheriff Michael Carona.


TJ Johnston


Was Production Manager for ABC Television (Los Angeles) for fifteen years. His shows included the Academy Awards, the Emmys, as well as General Hospital among others. TJ retired to write screenplays and offer armed and unarmed self-defense to civilians at AllSafe Defense Systems (He holds a fourth degree black belt and is an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor). In 1999, T.J. joined the Full Disclosure Network® as a Co-Producer of the Forum 2000 “The Prosecutor & The Presidency” which was videotaped in Washington, DC. He continues to work on content development and to co-produce our programs. ​In 2008​ he received an​ Emmy nomination for public affairs series “FEDS Nail OC Sheriff” covering the prosecution of Michael Carona for jury tampering.


Robert Reikeberg

Editor/Creative Consultant
742 Washington Blvd.
Marina del Rey, CA 90292

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