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The Prosecutor and The Presidency

"The Prosecutor & The Presidency" features all the U.S. Attorneys General & Special and Independent Prosecutors involved in Presidential Investigations from Watergate to Whitewater and beyond.

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Forum Interview Guests (Part 1 & 2)

Richard Kliendienst, Attorney General (Nixon); Archibald Cox, Special Prosecutor (Nixon-Watergate); Elliot Richardson, Attorney General (Nixon); Benjamin Civiletti, Attorney General (Carter Administration); Edwin Meese III, Attorney General (Reagan-Iran Contra); Richard Thornburgh, Attorney General (Reagan-Bush Administrations); Lawrence Walsh, Independent Counsel (Iran-Contra); Robert Fiske, Jr., Independent Counsel (Whitewater)

Forum Panelists (Part 3)

Shirley Hufstedler (Cabinet Secretary for Education – Carter Administration); Bob Woodward, Watergate Journalist and Author; Chesterfield Smith, President ABA 1974; Leslie Dutton, Full Disclosure Network Host/Executive Producer; Joe DiGenova, Independent Counsel (Bush-Passsportgate); Craig Gillen, Deputy Independent Counsel (Iran-Contra); Christopher Schroeder, Assistant Attorney General (Clinton-Whitewater)

Lesson Learned  Interviews (Part 4)

Robert Bork, Solicitor General (Nixon-Watergate); Kenneth Starr, Independent Counsel (Whitewater-Lewinsky)

In Summary (Part 5)

Shirley Hufstedler (Cabinet Secretary for Education – Carter Administration)

Part I: The Rule of Law, Oath of Office & To Tell The Truth, Perjury vs Lying

Part I Trailer

Duration: 1:31

Hon. Shirley Hufstedler: Intro to Prosecutor and The Presidency

Duration: 17:21

Former 9th Circuit Court Judge Shirley Hufstedler reveals the impact of the Special Prosecutor statute and comments on the process of prosecuting a sitting President without these hindrances.

Elliot Richardson: Part 1

Duration: 25:24

Former Attorney General Richardson explains why, when ordered by President Nixon, he resigned rather than fire Special Prosecutor Cox

Richard Kleindienst: Part 1

Duration: 24:34

Former U.S. Attorney General Richard Kleindienst describes the conditions that caused him to resign after what he described as “the worst year of my life.”

Edwin Meese III: Part 1

Duration: 24:55

Former Attorney General Meese discusses suing a sitting President, and the importance of the Oath of Office and the oath to tell the truth.

Richard Thornburgh: Part 1

Duration: 25:38

Attorney General Thornburgh defines the Rule of Law and claims that law enforcement has very little discretion as to which laws shall be enforced.

Lawrence Walsh: Part 1

Duration: 23:36

Judge Walsh claims appellate court judges often overstep their authority; that the oath to tell the truth establishes the gravity of the proceedings, and that Ken Starr misused his office in pursing the Lewinsky matter.

Benjamin Civiletti: Part 1

Duration: 24:59

Former U.S. Attorney General Civiletti identifies one of the main problems with the Independent Counsel statute was the scope of Presidential investigation. Allegations of wrongdoing from Whitewater led Independent Counsel Ken Starr to widen his scope in the Clinton investigation.

Archibald Cox: Part 1

Duration: 23:21

Special Prosecutor Cox was adamant in his opinion regarding the Special Prosecutor Law. He defines the Rule of Law and perjury.

Robert B. Fiske: Part 1

Duration: 26:16

Whitewater Prosecutor Fiske claims the Oath of Office is less binding than the oath to tell the truth in court. Public officials cannot be sued for policy issues, but can be for perjury.

Part II: The Special Prosecutor Process

Part II Trailer

Duration: 1:44

Elliot Richardson: Part 2

Duration: 25:14

Former Attorney General Richardson claims that Kenneth Starr should never have been appointed as the prosecutor in an independent counsel role and that the Clinton investigation got out of control.

Richard Kleindienst: Part 2

Duration: 24:27

Former U.S. Attorney General Richard Kleindienst claims that the Independent Counsel, as an adjunct of the Department of Justice has not worked.

Edwin Meese III: Part 2

Duration: 23:30

Edwin Meese III: Part 3

Duration: 25:11

Lawrence Walsh: Part 2

Duration: 25:12

Richard Thornburgh: Part 2

Duration: 23:52

Attorney General Thornburgh opposes the independent counsel law passed in 1978. He claims the US Attorney General represents both the People and the President.

Archibald Cox: Part 2

Duration: 22:26

Special Prosecutor Cox explains the one fatal flaw in the independent counsel arrangement.

Benjamin Civiletti: Part 2

Duration: 25:50

Former U.S. Attorney General Civiletti discusses the difficulties with the Special Prosecutor process and points out the ultimate safety against a rogue executive lies with the Congress and House of Representatives, which has the full power to investigate serious violations of the duty by the President.

Robert B. Fiske: Part 2

Duration: 24:17

Part III: The Forum

Part III Trailer

Duration: 3:21

What Role Has The Media Played in Presidential Investigations?

Duration: 28:09

Because investigations by any prosecutor are supposed to be confidential, the panelists debate the media's impact on prosecutorial behavior.

Part IV: Lessons Learned

Part IV Trailer

Duration: 2:35

Part V: Why It Didn’t Work

Part V Trailer

Duration: 1:51

Edwin Meese III: Why It Didn’t Work

Duration: 25:11

Former U.S. Attorney General Meese explains why he thinks that the Independent Counsel has has not worked and was flawed from the start.

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