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How Do We Investigate the Presidency in the Future?

The Prosecutor and The Presidency

Part I: The Rule of Law, Oath of Office & To Tell The Truth, Perjury vs Lying

Part I Trailer

Duration: 1:31

Edwin Meese III: Part 1

Duration: 24:55

Lawrence Walsh: Part 1

Duration: 23:36

Archibald Cox: Part 1

Duration: 23:21

Robert B. Fiske: Part 1

Duration: 26:16

Part II: The Special Prosecutor Process

Part II Trailer

Duration: 1:44

Edwin Meese III: Part 2

Duration: 23:30

Edwin Meese III: Part 3

Duration: 25:11

Lawrence Walsh: Part 2

Duration: 25:12

Archibald Cox: Part 2

Duration: 22:26

Robert B. Fiske: Part 2

Duration: 24:17

Part III: The Forum

Part III Trailer

Duration: 3:21

Part IV: Lessons Learned

Part IV Trailer

Duration: 2:35

Part V: Why It Didn’t Work

Part V Trailer

Duration: 1:51

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