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Part II: The Special Prosecutor Process

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Part II Trailer

Duration: 1:44

Elliot Richardson: Part 2

Duration: 25:14

Former Attorney General Richardson claims that Kenneth Starr should never have been appointed as the prosecutor in an independent counsel role and that the Clinton investigation got out of control.

Richard Kleindienst: Part 2

Duration: 24:27

Former U.S. Attorney General Richard Kleindienst claims that the Independent Counsel, as an adjunct of the Department of Justice has not worked.

Edwin Meese III: Part 2

Duration: 23:30

Edwin Meese III: Part 3

Duration: 25:11

Lawrence Walsh: Part 2

Duration: 25:12

Richard Thornburgh: Part 2

Duration: 23:52

Attorney General Thornburgh opposes the independent counsel law passed in 1978. He claims the US Attorney General represents both the People and the President.

Archibald Cox: Part 2

Duration: 22:26

Special Prosecutor Cox explains the one fatal flaw in the independent counsel arrangement.

Benjamin Civiletti: Part 2

Duration: 25:50

Former U.S. Attorney General Civiletti discusses the difficulties with the Special Prosecutor process and points out the ultimate safety against a rogue executive lies with the Congress and House of Representatives, which has the full power to investigate serious violations of the duty by the President.

Robert B. Fiske: Part 2

Duration: 24:17

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